Peasants and Territories

Learning about smallholder farmers in Cambodia and the wider Mekong region

The website of Jean-Christophe Diepart

Greetings !

I am an interdisciplinary researcher and lecturer keenly interested in agrarian changes in mainland Southeast Asia. My research explores the role played by peasantries in the transformations of land systems and rural territories. It is situated mainly in Cambodia but also goes beyond to cover other countries in the Mekong region.

Graduated in bioscience engineering at UCLouvain, Belgium, I continued my training with a complementary master’s degree in Development Studies and a PhD both from the lab of Economics and Rural Development of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, University of Liège in Belgium.

My research and teaching are rooted in critical agrarian studies and aim to promote a collective understanding of the situation and pressures faced by smallholder peasants. I also focus on constructing perspectives and pathways through which smallholder peasants can gain more control over the choices that confront them. It has allowed me to engage in various development initiatives and with partners from a wide range of organisations such as universities, NGOs, ministries, donors and research centres.

I now teach at the School for Field Studies in Siem Reap and run a small firm based in Battambang (Cambodia) that provides Research4Development services.

This website is a platform to share information and publications about the projects I have been involved in. It is addressed to anybody (researchers, teachers, students, or development partners) interested in agrarian change and smallholder farmers in Cambodian and the wider Mekong region.