Post-war territories projects


Post-war agrarian geographies in the north-west of Cambodia

DescriptionThis long-term project emerged from my work in Battambang with the Provincial Department of Land Management. While traveling widely across the province, I was impressed by the scope and rapidity of agrarian changes that have been taking place since the Khmer Rouge re-integration policy of the late nineties. My interest in these post-war territories led me to study land use change and natural resource management. I then looked at the modernisation of land tenure in the province through land titling, land concessions or environmental zoning (post-doc project with Agro Paris Tech and CTFD – Technical Committee on Land Tenure and Development). Later, I examined the role of mobility and migration in socio-spatial transformations of the region (post-doc project with the University of Bordeaux and the Centre for Khmer Studies). I now study other dimensions of these territories such as land conflicts and the demining of explosive remnants from the war, among other topics


RoleIndependent researcher


LocationBattambang, Cambodia

PartnershipFaculty of Development Studies (RUPP), Agro Paris Tech (UFR Comparative Agriculture and Agricultural Development), aGter (Association for the Governance of Land, Water and Natural Resources), CTFD (Technical Committee on Land Tenure and Development), CKS (Center of Khmer Studies) and the University of Bordeaux-Montaigne (Department of Geography)